As I was saying yesterday, when I met him he was married but, living in a different city to his wife.    They were due to get a divorce but was not even talking enough to work out getting a divorce.

Within a few days of being together, I was in his house and saw a condom in his bin. I challenged, him about it; saying I thought he was not sleeping with anyone else. He said he was not and started shaking as he tried to explain. The way he was shaking I knew it was a big thing for him. I can not remember his exact words but l, he basically told me he cross dressed. I did not really know what that meant. This was 7 years ago; I was lot more naive. I thought he had some kind of rubber fetish and hence had been wearing a condom for the feel of it.

He had kept the cross dressing a secret from his wife. When she did find out near the end of them living together, she could not cope with it.

I slowly learnt about the cross dressing as I got to know him. I found out how I could really turn him on and that in turn was a massive thrill for me. One night in a club; I found I think a 20p coin on the floor and I gave it to him saying it was his payment for later as he was a cheap tart and that was all he was worth.

I have flexible working hours and can start anytime up to 10 when I stayed, at his I would be scooting into work at 10 because of not wanting to leave being cuddled up in bed. We used to wait at the transport stop snogging. Then when he left me to continue journey; I would get a kiss. I can definitely remember once being told to get a room.

He was on anti depressives, due to stress of dealing with the cross dressing and the break up of his marriage. He was not always keen on going out during the day but, that was ok then as I was happy to be cosy inside with him. He would come out at night and dance. Or when it was just the girls going out, I used to go out with girls then go back to his. I loved, getting dressed at mine for when I saw him later. I had a key so I could let myself in. I remember letting myself in once and waking him up by sitting on his face.

But then, when he started talking to wife about starting the divorce she suddenly had second thoughts. She wondered, if they should throw marriage away. So I’m rerun he felt he had no option but to consider that. So, we could not continue. Ultimately their differences were there and they did get divorce.

He also texted me last year when he had been drinking. I got the message the next day and texted back. It was before I started seeing Fof; maybe this time of year. I first kissed Fof on 9th June.

It transpired he was in a relationship so could not do anything as he did not want to be like that, but thought he had been with me and he was sorry. I said yes he had  been and if he was in a relationship then I was staying away.

This morning, I woke to this text.



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