This week I  tried; to get just a few friends together. Despite offering free wine; I got so may excuses. As mentioned in previous post, one friend announced pregnancy so could not drink wine. Another, said she did not really like wine – I have seen her drink it! Anyway it was not really about wine; it’s  about spending time with me. Why, not say I’m not keen on the wine but let’s meet up anyway; I want to see you! Instead make me feel pathetic that I have not even got a handful of people to do things with.

Talking of wine; a lot was needed to negotiate a family holiday with parents, siblings and their kids. My sister has previously said when I said that a villa with two double beds may not be enough:

Who was I bringing? At this point we were talking about going a way August 2018 – I hope I’m not still alone then. Now instead we are going away May2018 – still hopefully time.

Anyway the two married couples would get priority on the double beds. i.e her and my parents. Why? Why does a ring give you that privilege over me on my own or with someone and my brother and his girlfriend?

She continued the digs  during the wine drinking. When I said I might bring someone …

So your going to bring a stranger?  So hard to keep calm! Once her husband was a stranger.

I kept calm and tried to do the mature thing and explain to my Mum how hurtful, it was. She completely failed to understand. She said she thought it was often partly my decision when I broke up with people. WHAT?? I asked her opinion before finalizing the break up with Fof and she said she was going to say to me, if I had not said first that she did not think it was a good idea because she could see there was no chemistry. With Mr I don’t want kids’; I did not really have the option to continue because I want to be Mum. Then before that Married Crossdresser; not as bad as sounds he was living in a separate city to wife when I met and they were not even talking as much as to sort out the divorce. Then bang when they started to talk lawyers as he wondered if they should ive it a second chance and he could not say no. So that was definitely not my decision!

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