A recent study has highlighted the practice of stealthing. Where a man removes condom during sex.  I did a bit of google research and found one claim of doing it as ‘wanted to be free to spread seed. But mostly it is about not liking condoms.


Men can be so stupid when arroused. Taking risks. Surely logically they understand risk of pregnancy and STDs?

Maybe men just want women to either take pill if remove condom with one night stand that she will take morning after pill. In my experience taking morning fret pill is not easy. You get an extra period within couple of weeks and the massive dose of hormones makes me so emotional.

I guess with gay men in there is not pregnancy risk, so a gay man can stealth without risk of unplanned pregnancy. Or a one night stand may leave someone pregnant and she may not have means of contacting him. Therefore she alone deals with the consequences.

I had hoped to come off anti anxiety medication then pill soon to try to conceive, but being back single I will stick with pill and of course insist new partners wear condoms. I have worried before about men nor withdrawing straight after come and condom splitting which makes hard to relax with new partners. To think men may on purpose sabotage contraception makes me feel even more worried that I not only have to insist on condom use have to keep checking it is on. Apparently a common time men remove condom is when changing position. Can you imagine if you turn with back to him; it would be easy not to know. I read about someone biting end of condom so if you can feel sides there and he is inside; no way would know.

Of course if a man is prepared to sleep with you without protection, he will be prepared to do the same with others and hence be at risk of picking up and spreading disease.

Stealthing has been described as rape and adjacent to rape. Because someone may have consented to protected sex but if it intentionally without a person’s becomes unprotected without consent then something is happening against will.

If a man removing condom during sex is rape conversely is it the same if a woman tells a man she is taking contraception / has coil when she does not want the same?

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