0. Straight away will say ruling out ‘just freezing my eggs’. Why don’t you ‘just’ freeze your eggs? Because it is not as easy as just opening freezer door; physically, emotionally or finicially. Over 2 thousand for extraction £250 per year to store. Then further cost and treatment to create an embryo and implant using IVF. Could be several rounds of IVF and at the end of the day may not have a child. So if needed I may as well go straight for IVF without the freezing. Hopefully I have genetics on my side as both my Mum and her sister had babies at 37.

This guardian article also shows not that simple to freeze eggs.


1. Find someone to mutually love and try for a baby. Will work on this one.

2. Find someone to co parent with. Maybe Ex Fof will donate sperm. Although previous plan was for him to live with me and rent his mortgage free flat out. Therefore without remorgating on his salary he would struggle to finicially support a child.

3. Donor insemination. Not sure how would go about and costs of it. Costs depends whether inseminate self or do IVF. Then if anonymous donor I would be solely finicially responsible for child. I have already bought a family house. On my full time salary I can afford the mortgage on the house. But taking maternity leave then if wanted to work part time paying mo and other expenses would be difficult.

6. Become a foster Mum. I could change to less demanding job and work part time, plus you get paid expenses when fostering.

7. Adopt. Still finicially issues of 5.

People keep saying I’m still young. Plus like say hopefully my fertility is not declining too much yet so I can work on option 1 for now but keeping beating in mind / researching further other options.



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