Living room christened

I had in mind I was meeting a group on Thursday to watch the football, but did not check to confirm until last minute and found we were not meeting. As had it in my mind that I was watching in pub, I found a pub to watch in.

I bought a pint then sat down. When I went up to buy a second pint there was someone sat watching football on TV behind bar. He commented on the drink I was buying.

Later buying another pint he asked again about pint so I let him try.  Although I mainly have English blood, I have a little Belgium blood so was wearing my Belgium top. There was a look when Belgium scored. I finished a pint just before fulltime, there was some kind of interaction cannot remember if just look or he said something, so I decided to go to the bar for a final half. I ended up sitting with him and chatting. He offered to walk me home. At the end of my road we went to say good-bye and kissed for the first time. He asked if he could come back with me for a while. We held hands walking to my house.

Back at mine there was more kissing Clothes removal and licking of my clit. I then I had to get a condom from upstairs. Our lovemaking took in both sofas different positions; him on top, me on top, from behind. Briefly accidental anal. Giving and receiving oral. He was very respectful checking I was ok, which part of a confidence of someone who knew what he was doing; rubbing my clit as he was inside, getting me to show him how to rub clit. He had me moaning!

He did say he did not think, he was going to finish due to all the beer. He said he would like to see me sober. He asked for my number, weirdly he did not produce a phone to enter it in. Instead it was old-fashioned way and I wrote number on an envelope. I made the rooky beer induced mistake of not asking for his. So now just waiting to se if he makes contact.

As I was typing this, my ex who did not want children texted. Last time he came round we christened the dinning room, the time before the stairs … in his texts he had been floating possibility of christening living room, but that is done now! He started off by asking if had been watching World cup. I said just England and Belgium and that I wore Belgium top last night.

Ex: Just the top?

Me: Well it was all gradually taken off. Cannot remember if knickers or top came off first.

Ex: No pictures I guess.

Me: I’m not sure you would want to see me with another man. Not sure should even admit it as I would not like to hear about you with someone else even though none of business. Just don’t want to know.

 Ex: Fair enough

Ex: So are my visits finished now then.

Me: No

Then just chatted about general stuff.

That’s my dinning room christened!

Again with my ex who did not want children. This is the third time, each time I answer my door there is animal need. Last time he fucked me from behind bent over the stairs. This time, was after the royal wedding. I was wearing a fascinator. I took my knickers off before I opened the door. When he came in as we kissed and kissed he took my top and bra off. Nuzzled my breasts and his hands explored up my skirt.

In flirty texts he has asked how sturdy dinning table is. I thought my neighbors were out, so I had condoms in hand and led him there. At first nearly upended table, but then moved to centre.

After which he said knees hurting. So we finished in my bed. First him on top then on our sides in various positions that he finished with me on top.

Not invited to christening

At one point there were three of us all single who used to go out, on a Saturday night about twice a month. I used to do that even when I had a boyfriend. We went on a girl’s holiday to Spain.  The two of them were closer to each other than me, still I thought I was part of the group. Then they both found boyfriends and had kids in quick succession. One friend, had only been with boyfriend for 5 months when she got pregnant. They stopped wanting to do things when they got boyfriends.

A bonus of those two losing interest was my best friend and I grew closer and I’m more on same wave length with her (or at least I thought) than either of them.

Recently one friend had a second baby. My best friend and the other girl who I went to Spain with all went to see her. I stayed later because anxious and wanted company and thought it would be nice to pick her older daughter up from school. My friend suggested meeting a few weeks later. On the day there was snow so she said she could not go out. I said I could come over. So I did go over. She has recently had an operation and I  told her when my day off was and was willing to help if needed. She did not ask for help.

She posted a picture on Facebook of a dress her eldest daughter was going to wear for christening of both the daughters. Our friend we went to Spain said auntie xxx would have to get new dress. I said guess I would not need new dress lol. She sent me  a private message saying simply only family and Godparents.  No sorry got to keep small.


Taking break from my best friend 😦


I think, I would be a good Godmother to particularly her oldest daughter who really relates to me; she is autistic and I think I’m on the spectrum too. She is into human body. I’m a biologist. I’m already a Godmother. It is their choice her they choose and I would not have chosen her. But still, it would have been nice to go to the christening.

Taking break from my best friend :(

I could not take it anymore. I e-mailed my best friend one weekend after I had asked he three times how her weekend was. She texted back that inappropriate. I asked what I should do. No response. I said she would have to do asking if wanted to see me.


She did end up sating hope after years of friendship, that it would not be lost due to few hectic months. I just replied me too. Then deleted her number.


I really do hope, we get back to how it was before. But, we were getting nowhere as was so hope my honesty (bluntness is a wake up call).


I may send her a card to say miss her but things do need to change so I will wait to hear from her.

My best friend is disengaged: does she like me as much as used to?

Tinder update

So I did what you are told never to do. I got chatting to someone and he implied he wanted to see me for sex. I agreed to meet as we managed to turn each other on. We met in a public place. I asked if we could sit down. He took hold of my hands as we talked which was reassuring. We then kissed. Then we went to his car. On they way we held hands, which seemed nice. We fooled around for a while. Then I climbed on top. It was him who then said stop! Although we were in quiet area of a car park there were people fairly close. We chatted a little. Then he said he needed to go as he was a diabetic and had to take insulin.


Our first meeting was on a Monday. We had discussed meeting at the weekend. I told a couple of other people who had messaged me I had gone on date and did not want to just unmatch them. Think they both appreciated that; one of the two unmatched me. As the weekend came nearer I realised it was me texting first.  Therefore on the Friday, I purposely did not text. Nothing. Nothing into Saturday. I sent a casual text about football. Nothing.


Late on Sunday I texted

‘Scared you’

he texted back

No sorry.

I did not know if that meant sorry he was scared or no he had not, so I texted

‘Yes I have?”

“Ok you’ve obviously made your mind up”

“No I have not!.”


He ended up admitting a bit scared. I sent long tests he said

The entire is making me feel uncomfortable that’s all


More texts from me, nothing from him.


Wednesday, I thought I would text him and say it was my weekend off, if he wanted to meet for coffee. He sounded like may meet. Saturday texted and said fancy going for coffee. He said

“You were quiet so I thought you’d changed your mind”

“Just busy. What do you think?”

“Busy at the minute sorry”


“What you got in mind”

“Nothing elaborate, Think tonight I may see band at my local. Or just coffee. I have a thing for a few hours at 3 tomorrow.

“Ahh ok.”


Then Sat night he texted me.

“What you up to”

“Heading to pub”


The next morning, I texted:

‘How was your night”

“Was good and yours”


Mixed messages! He has unmatched me on tinder at some point or deleted tinder?  I hate texts and this stage of dating.



Talking of hating texts, watch out for latest about my best friend.

Rejoined tinder with a erotic picture on my profile

My profile picture is myself. but then second picture is this:


Giving out wrong vibe?

The first person who started conversation sounded ok, shared where from. Then he asked what I was looking for and he said not into one night stands but wanted dates and companionship. I said looking for companionship and see what led to. Next day, he unmatched. Does that mean, he thought I only wanted a one night stand. Or he thought I wanted a relationship when he wanted someone as a fuck buddy?

Someone else just started conversation by saying something like hello .. I can not find how see previous messages. I said something back, which i now can not see. He commented on both my pics and asked if second something I fancied. Trying to look for previous messages, I accidentally sent a picture of a glass.   So that meant had to reply, said see pic earlier in week and intrigued, then asked about one of his profile pics.

Also been message by someone saying how ex girlfriend, had just caught them on tinder and they had kicked off and called them a crazy bitch in rant; is that really hat want as first impression? Reading profile says’s does not want to travel world, what does that mean, do not like travelling? I like travelling.

Another just said something like howdy, so I said Help, hows week going and he said Good, thanks and yours …

Nervously waiting for reply from best friend….

She takes so long to reply to texts or just ignores them. When she does reply she does not fully answer questions. Not seeing her much so without texts of what is going on, feel distant. She will not talk on phone and is not going on Facebook much either.

I texted her last night to ask if she wanted to see at a band at my local on 7th or 28. It took her until this morning to reply. Can understand when with her 3 year old may be difficult to reply, but he should have been in bed! She replied this morning saying was not sure about 7th as May he seeing friends. Which friends? I’m I not a friend?

She ignored the question about 28th so, I texted and asked her. She said busy and doing one week at a time. I’m sick of it so texted to say was everything ok and was she sick of me. She replied and said not that just busy. She is always so vague, just busy and will not tell me what is actually happening.

Last year when knew stressed, I left her alone a bit. Then got accused of not caring as not checking. So then when cancelled plans at last min and just told not good time; I thought best not just leave it. It turned out that day her Father in Law had died, so I felt like a complete ass. I can not win, I miss her.

Latest text, waiting for a reply to is:

Let me know if you need my help. I’am here but hard when do not know what is going on. Is Rob’s Mum’s move making things difficult.